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What we do

For Consumers

In 2015, 147 000 households requested a quotation via Painter-24.com and affiliated websites. 90% said that these quotations enabled them to obtain considerable savings on the work they contracted to have done.

All of the affiliated companies are trusted painting companies. When you send a request for a quotation to Painter-24.com, then up to 5 companies will give you a quote.

The no-obligation information you receive from these specialists will be an excellent starting point for you to find the best deal.

By requesting quotations from 5 professional specialists, you can compare different companies with each other. So without much extra work, you can save money on painting companies.

For Companies

Painter-24.com came about in cooperation with painting companies. If you are a painting company, you can try our service for free and see for yourself how easy getting new business can be. All the information about how Painter-24.com can help your company can be found on our extensive companies page.

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